Wästerbotten tango Lövånger 5-7 oktober


Om lärarna:
TANGO IS A WAY TO COMMUNICATE AND INTEGRATE, giving a physical form to the music through movement, and without losing the warmth of an embrace”.

LAURA AND MARIO are a couple of Argentine teachers who have been working together for over 9 years.

MARIO STARTS HIS JOURNEY in Tango 28 years ago, after working as a teacher of physical education. His extensive experience in bio-mechanics and analysis of the movement gained in this field, he applies it in his Tango and especially in teaching.
IN HIS CAREER he had the pleasure of working in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires, such as La Calesita, Niño Bien, Salon Canning, Villa Malcolm etc. as well as in some milongas in other provinces of Argentina and abroad, particularly in the United States and in Europe.

In 2005 HE CREATES THE MILONGA ”SOHO TANGO”, which soon becomes ”the princess” of the milongas for its high level of dancing and its particular atmosphere. He is not only the creator / organizer but also the maestro and DJ of this weekly milonga at Villa Malcolm, which after 9 years moves to Salon Canning.

Mario has also been the TEACHER OF SOME CURRENT GREAT PROFESSIONALS of tango. In 1999 he created a teaching system that he called ”Clinica de Tango”, where he would include several Tango proffessionals with different styles and techniques, with a strong idea of integration. Starting in 2010 in the project also participates his current dance partner, Laura Rusconi.

LAURA, WITH A BACKGROUND IN BALLROOM AND LATIN DANCES, dedicates completely to tango in the last 10 years. She has also formation in scenic Tango, but works mainly on the different styles of social tango. She has traveled and worked in Argentina, Europe, the United States and Japan.

AFTER DIFFERENT TOURS, and having already an audience that followed them, in 2011 in Buenos Aires, she decides with Mario to open their own space, with school and milongas. They carry on their activity until the middle of 2015, when they make the decision to move to Italy, they pass the management to another couple of milongueros.

IN ITALY they started collaborations in two prestigious Tango spaces, namely at Villa Giacomelli in Udine and at the Circolo Gardel in Modena. They hold several workshops in Vicenza, Venice, Padua, Pordenone, Ferrara, Milan, Rome, Castelfranco Veneto.
They are open to the different forms of Tango, having already a style of their own – theirs is ”simply Tango”.